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Results of Confessed Sin Versus Unconfessed Sin:
A comparison between the person who confesses their sins, and the person who doesn't confess their sins. The person who confesses their sins develops a healing, life-giving pattern of forgiveness, love and peace. The person who doesn't confess their sins develops a destructive, deadly pattern of guilt, anger and fear. We always overcome guilt, anger and fear with forgiveness, love and peace, but the process starts with the confession of sins. 
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Love and Purity Before and During Marriage:
Steps to maintaining proper focus and direction in the marriage relationship. As humans made in the image of God we must be motivated by love and unselfishness rather than lustful passion. The purpose of marriage relations is to bring the couple closer together in heart, mind, soul and body. The focus should not be on the body, but on the inner person, and the union of the thoughts and emotions of the couple. 
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Self-Centredness Compared to God-Centredness:
Selfishness is the underlying cause of transgressions, disobedience, lawlessness, sinfulness, rebellion and pride. Self-denial is necessary in order to become centred on God, and this is the foundation of confession and true repentance. Turning from ourself means turning from all sin, disobedience and rebellion. We must deny ourselves, take up our cross, and be crucified with Christ.  
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The Victorious, Christ-Centred Life:
Suffering is truly the path to victory! God uses various types of suffering in our life to transform us from a selfish, carnal, immature Christian, into an unselfish, spiritually mature Christian. Suffering is necessary for us to learn obedience, and for spiritual growth to occur. Trials and sufferings also teach you about your motives and whether you are self-centred or Christ-centred based on your response to the trials, problems and suffering of life.    
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Confession, Repentance and Forgiveness:
Some people feel that there is nothing for them to confess. Some people feel that they are already good enough. The truth is that we all stray from the right path and from our heavenly Father in our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We all need to return home, and confess and repent of our sins so that God can shower us with His forgiveness and grace. 
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Obedience and Submission:
God has designed all of life to take place in lines of authority or leadership. No one can exist on their own without being part of a line of authority. Therefore, we must all learn obedience and submission in order to live at peace with our fellow human beings. When people are obedient and submissive the line of authority is established and all the people on that line can work together in peace and harmony. 
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The Ministry of Reconciliation:
The purpose of all of God's dealings with people is the ministry of reconciliation or reunion. God wants to reconcile people to each other and to Himself, breaking down the walls of division.
Some of the key practices in the ministry of reconciliation are confessing our sins, dwelling on good things, walking in the Spirit, being the fragrance of Christ, and clothing ourselves in humility and submission.
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Being the Fragrance (Savour) of Christ:
How can we unworthy sinners be the fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ? It is only when we are suffering with Christ that our life can become a fragrant aroma. We have to arm ourselves with the desire to suffer, and have it as our goal. We must also dwell richly in the word of God so that Jesus can live in us and diffuse His fragrance through us.  
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Reconciliation Versus Separation:
Reconciliation is God's plan to unite us with Himself, and to unite us with each other. The enemy's plan is separation and disunity. The fastest and most effective way to create unity is confession. The fastest and most severe form of separation and disunity is suicide. This article outlines God's plan of confession and the enemy's plan of suicide, and the cause and effect of both situations.
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Scriptural Communication:
The four main rules of scriptural communication are: 1) Be slow to speak 2) Say as little as possible 3) Only say what will be a benefit to others 4) Do not argue or strive. We are responsible for everything we say and do, and we must give an account of what we do with the light God gives us. Do not fill up the world with cheap words that hurt and divide. Talking is a responsibility and a blessing, and few of us deserve to even open our mouth. 
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True Humility:
True humility is honoring others above ourselves.
It means putting the needs of others before our own needs. It means having unselfish love for others. True humility means making ourself of no reputation and taking the position of a servant just as Jesus did. We must kneel at the Cross of Christ with a humble, broken heart and see our Savior who died for us. If we humble ourselves we will be healed.
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How to have a relationship with God:
Developing a relationship with God is similar to developing a relationship with a human being. We don’t get to know a person by looking at them. We have to communicate with them. We need to share our thoughts and feelings with them, and they share their thoughts and feelings with us. This article outlines why we are separated from God, and the 10 things we can do to get to know Him again.
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Positive Affirmations:
32 powerful Scripture verses to memorize and internalize for spiritual protection and to nourish spiritual growth. If you want Jesus in you, you need the Word in you. The Word of God is food for the heart, mind and soul, and just like food for our bodies, we need to feed on the Word each day. This will allow the Holy Spirit to use the Word of God as a powerful offensive and defensive weapon.

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